“Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.”
- Shinichi Suzuki

Sophie Yasmin is a dedicated violin, viola and piano teacher with a passion for passing on her musical experience.

With over 7 years experience teaching privately and 4 years teaching within schools, Sophie Yasmin is able to teach students of all ages and abilities. Whether the student aims to become a professional musician or simply enjoy learning an instrument, she is able to tailor her teaching to suit each individual's needs. 

Sophie Yasmin specializes in teaching beginners via the Colourstrings method. This method is heavily based around the Kodaly sol-fa system and is an extremely colourful, unique and successful way of introducing violin, viola and piano (Colourkeys) to beginner students. 

Example page from Colourstrings Book A

Example page from Colourstrings Book A

With Colourstrings not yet being taught in the US, Sophie Yasmin is passionate about introducing the method to as many students as possible. Even if students have already started learning via another teaching method, Colourstrings concepts can seamlessly be integrated to work alongside the Suzuki and other traditional methods.

If requested, Sophie Yasmin is also able to teach violin, viola or piano using traditional or Suzuki repertoire.